Shipping Your Precious Metals

 1.  We recommend using the U.S. Post Office for shipping your precious metals. The post office has better variety of boxes for shipping needs. These Small Priority Mail Boxes are taped to monitor tampering and the post office has different options available for the shipper in regards to requiring signatures and registered mail. If you have seven to ten days the U.S. Post Office is cheapest and safest way to ship.

2.  Always pay for the insurance. The post office will offer shippers insurance for the package. It is wise to pay the extra for the insurance. The fee is based on the declared value the shipper places on the package. The maximum the post office will insure any package is $25,000. If you do insurance your package it must go out as registered mail. It is worth the extra $40 to insure an $20,000 package.

3.  Make sure you stuff the box with packing material so the contents will not move around during shipping. Bubble wrap, newspaper, styrofoam pieces are good to use. Make sure to pack the box and test it by shaking it. If the contents move around you need more packing material in the box. The package should be solid.

4.  If you are putting sweeps, filings or polishing dust in a baggie, please triple wrap the contents so it cannot leak out. If you can, put the baggies in a smaller box than the shipping box and pack material around the smaller box.

5.  If you are shipping gold scrap try to separate jewelry by karats. Put 10K, 14K, and 18K in separate baggies. This will make it easier to identify specifics and gives you a better idea of what to expect.

 6.  Always weigh the contents and list weighs on baggies or individual list. This will give you better insight on what to expect and if lets the refiner know you are organized and easy to communicate with.

7.   Always call the refinery and tell them you are shipping a package to them. If you can give the refinery an estimated arrival time and let them know your preferred method of communication for the transaction.

8.   Make sure you put information inside the packing box. You will need to provide your name, business name, address, phone number, as well as the types of materials you are shipping. You can fill our inventory card and make sure you put the card in the shipping box before mailing.








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