All quotes are handled on an individual basis. Some of the variables and considerations in the quotes are the types of metals you are selling. The industry you are in. The volume of metals submitted on a regular basis. The type of business or identity you are selling the metals under. In each case, you will be given a specific quote, designed especially for you.

If you are looking for a payment of 99.5% on your metals, it is not going to happen here. First and foremost no company can survive on .5% of the revenue. Secondly, we deal with honest and real percentages when refining your metals. We do not false advertise and then chip away at the percentages. We provide you with honest numbers, show you exactly what we charge and can still give you the highest payment.

Once we make a statement for your metals either through a cash offer or refined lot, we will cut you a company check and send the check out USPS first class mail that business day. That is our standard payment policy. If you want the check overnight or any other delivery option, we will provide the service and add the expense to the settlement statement. If you want the money wired, cashiers check, or any other optional payment method the same rule applies; we will add any additional expense to your settlement statement.

Cash Offer:
If your metals are stamped or easily identifiable, we can make you a cash offer. This offer would be made the same day we receive the metals. Once you approve the cash offer we would mail you the check. If not accepted for a cash offer, the metals would go on to refining.  

Refined Lots:
If your metals are sent to refining we take great pride in getting the metals refined in the minimum amount of time. In fact, we keep a record of the amount of time the shipment is in our hands and how fast we can get you payment. We understand this is a key factor in getting you to do business with us again.

Other Methods of Payment:
While Richardson Refining provides their customers all the traditional methods of payment by company check, cashier’s check, wire, electronic transfer and any other method provided by the banks, we also can provide other types of payment for our customers, such as coins, bars, grains and other preferred metals.

Please call (316) 706-5473 for Individual Quotes and Special Requests.








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