Accurate Yields
First our refiner conducts a comprehensive inspection where we weigh, examine and test your materials. Second, we will use an x-ray fluorescence analyzer gun to obtain an accurate percentage of the metal. And third, if needed, we will assay the metals to verify the percentages of the material. These methods provide our customers with accurate percentages to maximize the payment.

Metals Accepted:

Typical jewelry scrap, new, used, shop-worn, overstock, trade-ins outdated and damaged. Ingots, melted pieces, coins, buttons and sprues are accepted. Items underkarated, unmarked, mismarked or hand stamped pieces are not eligible for cash offer and will go to refining.

Fine Grindings, pieces, ­filings, ­findings, solder, clippings, drill shavings –the gold waste found in a jeweler’s bench. Includes Filters, Traps, Vacuum bags, pins, carpet, pads and gold pieces. All items listed will need to be assayed. Refining process takes one week.

Jewelry scrap, used, shop-worn, overstock, trade-in, outdated or damaged, fi­ndings, crucibles, wire, sheet,
etc. Unmarked pieces are subject to assay. Jewelry Platinum, Industrial Platinum and Jewelry Palladium.

Jewelry scrap – used, shop-worn overstock, trade-in, outdated, bars, damaged, jewelry, ingots, coins,
fi­ndings, pieces, wire, sheet, flatware, hollowware, castings, sprues & shot. Sterling silver, Coin silver, and  
Fine silver.

Metals Not Accepted:

We do not refine Ore, Circuit boards, or Converters. If you have any questions or concerns about your material call (316) 706-5473.

Maximum Payment Guarantee
Split your lot between your refiner and us, and if we don’t pay a higher payment, you can get the refining cost refunded to you. We will refine your lot free if we do not beat your refiner’s payment. We have the best payments and yields in the business.

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