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Our goal is to get you the "Highest Payment Possible". The reason we have been successful in achieving this goal in our first three years of business is because we are honest, We do what we say, and we are a company you can trust. This is why we have an A+ Better Business Bureau rating.

There are three other reasons we can provide the best payment in the business. First, we keep our overhead low. We are not a big company by any means, but we are very effective. In today's economic environment additional expenses and costs are passed on to the customer.  We eliminate those addition cost and expenses. We are not looking to be the biggest, we are looking to be the best.

Secondly, we have valuable experience in the key areas of our industry. Our Refiner has 35+ years of experience processing and refining precious metals. Our President and Owner has 35+ years of experience in sales and marketing. Our Operations/Customer Service Manager has 15 years of industry experience. This experience and industry knowledge saves our customers money in the long run.

Thirdly, we specialize in purchasing precious metals and refining Gold, Silver, Platinum and Palladium. By having a narrow targeted group in a specific area of the industry, we do not spent a large amount of money on marketing. Our strategy is to grow our company through our customers. This allows us to grow the business by earning the business. This saves us marketing dollars and provides our customers with a higher payment.

Another goal is providing World Class Customer Service. We understand it is nerve racking to send a company your previous metals. We like to over communicate during the transaction. Little things like giving you a call to let you know we received your metals, what your options are in regards to a cash option or refining, and how we plan to go forward. Letting you know the refining results and giving you a payment delivery date. We make sure you are not left wondering what is happening.

We also feature a Maximum Payment Guarantee. Split your lot with your refiner and us and we will guarantee we will give you a higher payment or you can get your money back for the refining fee. In an industry were competitors will advertise a 99.5% payout, we will beat their payment with honest numbers.

Richardson Refining is bonded, insured, certified and licensed. We have created a safe and secure environment to develop trust between us and our customers. This business is about Trust. We want to earn your Trust. We want to keep your Trust. Richardson Refining will provide you with a safe transaction for a positive experience. Give us a try.

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