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Our goal is to provide you with "World Class Customer Service." From the time you send your precious metals to us, to the time you are paid in full, we want to make your choice a positive professional experience.


1.  Patriot Act – The USA Patriot Act was signed into law on October 26, 2001. This law requires refineries to get information to identify and verify their customers in the precious metal refining business. This information is filed offline as required by Federal Law and will not be distributed to any other agency other than the Federal government. If you would like to have a form emailed to you please go to the contact page and fill out an email request.

2.  Privacy Policy - Richardson Refining does not sell, share or barter any information obtained through our website or company records. We maintain the privacy of our customers at all times. Any additional information obtained through customermarketing or operations is not shared with anyone outside of our company.
Richardson does not track, search or investigate any visitor IP address location information. All visitors at the web site will be treated as anonymous. Richardson Refining is a sole proprietorship. We do not have any partners, corporations or exclusivity contracts that impact our company’s confidentiality policies and procedures.

3.  Gold as an Investment – If you own some gold you have to ask yourself, can you sell your gold within 30 minutes? Typically the answer is no. Simply by losing this advantage you are decreasing your potential profits. Most gold customers from the jewelry industry have to refine their gold to be able to sell. The time to refine your investment is now and you do not have to take cash for your metals. Let Richardson Refining explain to you how to get this advantage.

4.  What is used for Spot Market Price – We use the Bid Price.

5.  Refinery Limitations – We do not refine Ore, Circuit boards, or Converters. If you have any questions or concerns about your material call (316) 706-5473. We would be glad to let you know our refining policies and procedures.

6.  Disclaimer – Richardson Refining has the right to refuse or decline customer material.

7.  The Difference between Cash Offer and Refined – Very little actually. The majority of refiners want to purchase your precious metals outright and then put the lot in their inventory. Once they accumulate a large group of metals they will then refine the metals. This saves the refinery money. In turn, it allows the refinery to pay their customers more. With today’s X-ray technology and an experience Refiner, we can give you a very accurate measurement of your precious metal weight and purity.

8.  What is in your Direct Mail Shipping Package – Two Shipping Labels, Two Inventory Cards, Two Shipping Instruction Cards, Four Zip-Lock Baggies, One Jewelry PDF Information Sheet, One Business Cards and One Letter.

9.  What is the biggest advantage in dealing direct with refinery – You get a higher return for your precious metals Not only do you eliminate the middle man, but with Richardson Refining you get the advantages of their low overhead and 35 plus years of management experienced in marketing and refining. This allows us to make the guarantee we will pay you more than your current refiner.








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